Business Process Automation

Experience implementing business process automation using Out-of-the Box SharePoint capabilities such as Power Automate and Nintex Workflow. Developed custom workflows using SP Designer to enable contract docs and process approval automation.

Recent Projects

Process Automation project for a leading machinery products company

We worked with a leading machinery products company which had several confidential lease contract documents with various levels of approval processes along with various levels of security be understood and implemented. These contracts had expiry dates and once documents expired they needed to be moved to and archival location in the same SharePoint portal automatically.

Purchase Requisition process automation for a Real Estate company

We developed a community portal along with Purchase Requisition(PR) functionality for a Real Estate Company.

Company owned around 72+ building towers and each tower had thousands of rental units. Any resident / community member need to have the ability to raise infrastructure/facilities/any other community related purchase requests using this PR application. Such requests along with supporting documents were to be sent the existing SAP PR system. These requests would go through a formal approval / rejection process and once the process is completed, the record should be locked as ‘read only’ and data was to be stored in SAP.

Developed and delivered the system within the time and budget requirements of the client.

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