Selecting the best partner for your SharePoint projects

SharePoint is an extremely powerful platform that enables employees, customers, vendors and others to work together on common goals and drive results.

The following selection criteria should be kept in mind while selecting a partner to help implement SharePoint in organizations:

The partner must have implemented SharePoint in a range of organizations – small, medium, large and across industries – manufacturing, logistics, life sciences, finance, insurance, …. This will ensure that they can bring the learnings from these past projects and deliver the most time and cost optimal solutions.

Given that SharePoint is a technology which has a multi decade legacy, it is important that the partner should have worked on various versions and is fully cognizant of the capabilities, migration paths, integration possibilities.

Global delivery teams working round the clock will ensure fast delivery.

The partner should keep in mind the budget and help their client organizations choose the best versions of SharePoint and infrastructure. The development should be done in a low cost location and implementation completed with a strict eye on the budget.

The partner organization should be able to architect, develop, test, integrate, implement, document and provide user training for the SharePoint application.

It is very important that the client and partner organizations choose a project management and reporting process that works best for their situation. The partner organization needs to have the maturity and prior experience in planning and executing projects in strict adherence to the chosen project process.

The partner should be able to provide impeccable and highly relevant references of their past work with clients of similar size and domain.

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